– O V E R S E A S   V I S I T O R   W E D D I N G S   I N   P O R T   D O U G L A S –

Overseas visitor wedding Port Douglas

Australia is an amazing country; unique, beautiful and full of hidden treasures and breath-taking wedding locations.  For overseas visitors wishing to marry in Australia the process is uncomplicated and unrestrictive.  The law in Australia allows us to be free and creative in the design of your wedding…and you can marry anywhere you like!

“There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved”


George Sand

Australian marriages are legally recognised internationally.  I recommend confirming which documents your relevant home authority will require to validate your marriage upon your return.   Most commonly they will be to sight your Official Certificate of Marriage.  In some cases the certificate will need to be stamped with an Apostille Seal from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

–  L A N G U A G E   O P T I O N S –

Hi und herzlich Willkommen!  Ich biete meinen Service auch in Deutscher Sprache an.

– I N F O R M A T I O N –

The same legal requirements must be met by overseas visitors as by residents of Australia.  You will find these requirements listed on my Legalities page.

When preparing your NOIM from overseas (which must be lodged with me no later than one month prior to your wedding), the following authorities may witness;

*An Australian Diplomatic or Consular Officer

*A Notary Public or Employee of the Commonwealth (authorised under paragraph 3 (c) of the Consular Fees Act 1955)

These qualified witnesses will commonly be found at the Australian Embassy of your country.

All foreign language documents required as proof of age, identity and marital status must be officially translated and authorised by a NAATI accredited organisation.

Thank you so much for considering our country and my services – I hope I can assist you in creating the wedding ceremony you dream of.

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