– N A M I N G   C E R E M O N I E S   P O R T   D O U G L A S –

Baby Naming Ceremony Port Douglas

Welcoming a child into this world is a significant milestone and a source of immense happiness.  A Naming Ceremony in Port Douglas is a beautiful way to honour this happiness and the gift of life.  It is an opportunity to give your child an official welcome into this world, in front of the people who share your joy and your love.

A Naming  Ceremony also highlights the gravitas of raising a child and is an opportunity for parents to pledge their love, protection and support.  As in an official christening this ceremony can be used to recognise and officially appoint people who will play an important role in this child’s life.

“Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives”


Kartini Diapari-Oengi

There are lovely rituals which can be incorporated into a Naming Ceremony, like the planting of a tree or a time capsule (view options for symbolic gestures).  Many people also choose to follow religious traditions like blessing the child with water.    As there are no legal obligations for a Naming Ceremony the possibilities are endless.  We can be as creative or as traditional as you like.

A Naming Ceremony can also be used as a welcoming ceremony to officiate the unification of foster and step children.

– M Y   S E R V I C E S   I N C L U D E –

  • A complimentary naming ceremony consultation, obligation free.  This will give us a chance to discuss your ideas and vision for your ceremony.  I will get to know you as a family and with this knowledge form ideas for a ceremony that is unique and engaging.  This meeting will give you an opportunity to see if my personality fits and whether my ideas are what you have in mind.
  • Should you wish to proceed I will look forward to our second meeting.  At this meeting you will be required to complete a booking form and pay a booking fee to secure my services for your chosen day.  We will embark on the exciting journey of designing a heart-felt welcome for your child into this world.  I will make available to you a large selection of poetry, music and prose along with ceremony choices to inspire you in this process.  We will discuss the possibility of including any desired rituals that reflect your cultures and personalities.  And of course the involvement of any family members or friends in the ceremony.  I personally love this, as it draws the guests into the ceremony and brings it to life.  We want to move the hearts of our guests, to make them laugh, or shed a tear.
  • Within two weeks of the second meeting I will email you are first draft of your ceremony.  Once you have your copy I’m yours to discuss and fine-tune every detail.  I pride myself on being readily available for my clients.  Coffees, emails and phone calls are all part of the process of creating your beautifully unique ceremony.
  • A professionally printed Naming Ceremony certificate.
  • A personalised copy of your Naming Ceremony.
  • For larger groups I will provide a professional quality PA system with MP3 player (CD and USB).
  • I will dress in a manner appropriate to this special occasion.

Contact me to arrange an informal, obligation-free meeting to talk about your ideas and discuss how we can create a meaningful and unique ceremony together.