– A B O U T –

Hi – I am so happy your search for a Wedding Celebrant has led you here!  I am in my fourth year of this exciting journey and can honestly say that this gig, telling love stories and celebrating humans makes me the happiest girl around.

I found myself studying to become a celebrant after a few people I love (who know me REALLY WELL) told me this was my calling.  Crazy that I needed someone else to tell me!  And I can’t believe how right they were…it combines my love for writing and public-speaking (I was the girl always putting my hand up to read the passages aloud in Literature class 😊), with the joy I get from connecting with people in all their forms, and getting to know them in such a meaningful way.

“Love is Light, it enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity, it attracts people to one another. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have. Love unfolds and reveals. For love we live and die”


Albert Einstein

Wedding party with Anna Soltwedel Wedding Celebrant Port Douglas

I am a lover of stories and story-telling and my ceremonies are very much about capturing the essence of your love and sharing it in all its fun, quirky, unique glory with the people you love most on this earth.  

…and what is my take on love? (13 years, 3 gorgeous girls, countless adventures and challenges under the belt with my Big Love).  It looks different this far down the track, but certainly no less beautiful.  It is a deep sense of trust, always having each other’s back, and giving each other the freedom to grow as individuals, knowing that our entire family will benefit.  And in our busy lives (to the point of overflowing sometimes) it is taking the time to looks into each other’s eyes and remembering why we are on this journey together, paddling the wild ocean in the same little boat…and seeing the young carefree versions of ourselves peeking out, calling each other.

When I am not writing, or off marrying some delightful humans you will find me having rainforest swims with my girls, or digging happily in my garden (not often enough!).  We are a gypsy family at heart and the happiest memories of my life are of exploring this world with our children We just cut our most recent European adventure short as COVID-19 runs its course through our world (I hope you are all doing OK, coming to terms with whichever dreams and plans you have been forced to let go of, and staying safe!)…but where we let go we make space for amazing new things to grow!  So let’s use this time to grow new dreams…to plan the adventures and parties and weddings that will make our tomorrow (some time soon) so very beautiful!.

Back to you now!  Wishing you so much happiness on the exciting journey ahead, and a stress-free wedding planning experience (it can be you know, it should be!). I hope to chat to you soon!

Anna xx

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